How to Get your Invention on TV

Imagine seeing your invention on NBC’s Today, Show, Dr. Oz, Jimmy Fallon, etc.!

One pathway for this to happen is through Steve Greenberg, the Innovation Insider.

The way that Steve works is that he is given a “theme” by a show’s producers, e.g. recently it was “Summer Safety Gadgets”

Once Steve has the theme he posts that theme in 4 venues:

- he tweets about it at @stevetv

- he posts it on Facebook at

- he posts a query on

- he puts out a request on HARO:

If you follow Steve on one or more of the above venues, then you will know what he is looking for a any particular time.

If your inventionĀ FITS the theme, let Steve know by contacting him through his website:

Steve creates a listĀ and submits to the show and the producers pick the appropriate products (so don’t get mad at Steve if yours does not make the cut).

It is a simple process and doesn’t cost you anything except your time – what a deal!

Ron Reardon – Patents & More, Inc.

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